Common Questions Regarding Your Wedding Filming

Our style is cinematic.  We use feature film techniques to create artistic and stylish wedding films.  We are unobtrusive in the way we work.  We avoid the use of lighting when possible and use Professional cameras utilising long lenses meaning we can be further away from the main focal point.


As we use professional broadcast cameras and lenses this enables us to capture all the emotions of the day from a distance, so we are particularly discreet and unobtrusive during the filming of the ceremony. It’s actually in our best interests to be as unobtrusive as possible, as the best footage we can get is when you don’t realise you are being filmed.
Yes!  We normall ask that you provide us with a list of about 6-8 songs and we use this as a guideline through the edit, using them where and when we see fit.   If we feel that your song styles are not working well with the edit we will be honest with you (try to stay away from hard rock and heavy techno – it doesn’t work well with images of lovely Auntie Dorris!)  We will also use ‘artistic license’ to perhaps drop in one or two of our own if we feel it works well!
We film every event in full HD and this gives you the option of upgrading to HD at anytime. In an age of high-definition television you want to be sure to invest in quality and receive the most up-to-date product you can, or at least make sure that your wedding film is ‘future-proof’.
We will give you a first cut based on our own style & expertise in editing and where discussed choose music for you when specified.  After viewing that first cut if there are any mistakes or you want to lose a couple of clips then let us know as we don’t always get it right first time!   Ultimately we want you to be more than happy with your final film.
We will keep your entire project backed up on multiple RAID arrays for one year.  At that stage we may contact you to see if you wish to purchase the Master file version (unless you have already done so).   We will then clear our system to make way for more edits.
Yes, you can change the options, realistically up to two weeks before the wedding day.
We will be more than happy to meet you to discuss your wedding day and you are more than welcome to come to our office in Lenzie.  It is not imperative though to meet, and details, timings and format of the day can quite easily also be taken over the phone.   It is imperative for you to have a rapport with your photographer but it’s not as essential with the Videographer as we will not be directing you on the day – just hanging back and capturing the atmosphere of the day as we see it!
This will depend on the time of year but generally over peak season we allow for between 4 – 16 weeks.  The outside time on this may seem very long but we do spend long careful hours on your edit to make sure we get it right.