‘By yon bonnie banks, and by yon bonnie braes, where the sun shines bright on Loch Lomond….. ”  This song could have easily been written for Lee + Laura’s wedding at Boturich Castle!   What a fantastic day, and filming at Boturich is always easy for us when the weather is kind.   The backdrop of Ben Lomond is a stunning landscape to take your vows in front of and to film Lee & Laura’s wedding was like capturing a majestic Hollywood scene from a romantic modern day spin-off of Braveheart!  And oh, how amazing this disgustingly good looking couple looked!

A lot of fun working with John and Jillian from Jillian Clark Photography and we both rewarded with good weather to capture the wedding party in all their finest.
Lee & Laura chose to have a Humanist ceremony which was obviously tailored for them and it was really complemented by reading from their friends.

Onto the speeches and Laura’s dad explained how when he mentioned Boturich Castle to the boys in the pub they had exclaimed “…wear the fox hat…..!!”  lol!
After dinner I managed to get Laura and Lee out for a few quick shots – not the first time I have done this at Boturich but am I glad I did – rewarded with stunning ‘Golden hour’ backlit sunhine which just seems to create a picture that has Loch Lomond looking like it’s about to collide with the sun!

The evening was broken up by the fireworks which were a surprise to most of the guests and although by this late stage there was a light ‘smir’ of rain in the air barely anyone noticed, and the day which started for the bridal party with the pop and fizz of Champagne – very loudly ended with a sparkle and a bang!

‘Loch Lomond’ was chanted by the guests to close the night and after a long and tiring day we finished with the extreme satisfaction that we had captured yet another stunning wedding at this wonderful venue.

Must remember to pack my tripod and not ‘remember‘ that I’d forgot it when I’m 20 minutes away from the venue! Doh!