Scotland can be quite a stunning place when the sun shines, and there are few Wedding venues in the country that really shine as much as Roman Camp does on a gorgeous day.   The gardens are simply breathtaking and such was the setting for Stuart + Katie’s big day.   After exchanging vows inside the hotel the gorgeous couple &  guests lapped up the champagne and sun in the fine gardens, whilst some soaked up the sun down by the river.
There is a part of the Roman Camp gardens which is simply breathtaking though – like something out of a fairytale setting!
The stunning rhododendron tree in season is quite incredible, like nothing you have ever seen before.   The top of the tree is pink in full bloom, and at exactly the right time of year the petals fall to leave a wonderful pink carpeted blanket on the floor – quite incredible for any pictures to be taken under.   Thankfully we managed to capture some shots under here, and I’m sure they will make for cracking pictures in the wedding album too!
Onto the evening and with the exception of the Ceilidh DJ accidentally hitting the skip button halfway through the first dance – it was such a perfect day that nobody really noticed – or even cared for that matter!!