Some Invaluable Tips For Your Big Day!

It’s quite often we have filmed a wedding where everyone is waiting patiently at the church – the Priest or Minister, all the guests and not to mention a very nervous groom!   There can be many reasons for this but sometimes they can be prevented (like the bridesmaids deciding to open up another bottle of Champagne before leaving!)   Be late, but just not TOO late – it will cause frustration for some people and will have a knock on effect to your day.
As Billy Connolly once sang “…If it wisnae fir yer Wellies, where wid ye beeee…?!!”

Our favourite tip!   So you’ve spent ‘hunners’ on those fancy Jimmy Choo shoes and the Photographer is dying to get you guys standing over by that lovely Oak tree for photos.   You take one step on the grass and – ‘squelch!’   You’re heel sinks deep into the soft grass which has absorbed a river’s worth of rain in the run up to your ‘Mr Blue Sky’ beautiful day!
We have seen this happen so many times it’s untrue! Go out and get yourself a pair of fancy sparkly wellies (maybe not Jimmy Choo ones though!) they will not be seen under your dress – they will save your lovely shoes and will also make for some funny shots with the Photographer and Film!

Possibly the strangest tip of them all, and we can only go by hearsay on this one!

Whilst filming one of our lovely brides weddings, we overheard her excitedly exclaim to the female Photographer after coming out of the ladies “……..IT WORKED!!!”   Eager to find out ‘what worked?’, the photographer told us that she had suggested when the bride went to the ladies loo, that she home in ‘…forward facing’ instead of the regular ‘Queen’s Throne’ position, due to the puffiness of her wedding dress!!!
I believe this may also work with guys in Kilts!

It’s easy to get carried away – with the nerves and adrenalin pumping, you may not have noticed how many glasses you have knocked back! Especially on a hot day if the champagne is flowing it won’t take too long till the bubbles have gone straight to your head! Try to pace yourself, you want to make sure you are still able to stand when ‘Loch Lomond’ is belted out at the end of the night – then you can collapse!
Music is very important to everyone so it’s good to make sure you get it right for your day, whether it’s the first dances or music played before, during or at the reception.   You will likely have plenty of time to select tracks and some of these can also go on your wedding DVD too.   So get the thinking cap on!
Be prepared, we live in Scotland. Enough said!

Tip – Sports Direct….cheap plain black golf umbrella’s – £3 each! 😉

Here’s a good one we thought of a long time ago!
Too many times we have filmed in colder months of the year and whilst it’s OK for the guys to strut around clad in the ‘full sheeps wool’ regalia, the poor Bride and Bridesmaids usually have to suffer for the sake of fashion!   They can sometimes be spotted, shivering like wee lambs scalped in mid winter! Purchase some nice tartan travel blankets or similar so that the ladies can wrap up & keep warm in between Photos – and the ushers can hold onto them in between (the blankets that is!)
We have often filmed at weddings when the Wedding Breakfast takes place in a very large room. Surprisingly some of the best of venues don’t have proper PA facility and often it seems to be an afterthought.   It is a real shame if the people at the back of the hall are isolated from hearing the speeches and it’s not always because they are hard of hearing.   Make sure to discuss this with your chosen venue and make sure that you have a microphone sorted on the day. We will have microphones on the table purely for the DVD.
Most people are nervous making speeches, but some speakers feel that it is a great opportunity to unleash ‘the inner comedian’!   This can lead to them getting carried away and describing the groom’s life from birth to present day!   Some of it might be funny, but when it runs on and on your guest will be smiling through gritted teeth & crossed legs!   And as soon as the speeches stop half the room will be running to the toilets!    We have found that the average length of all the speeches is approx. 20-25 minutes. Tell the speakers to time them in practice if they can and then add them all up – it also helps to inform the wedding venue, especially if the speeches are before the dinner – you don’t want the Chef to overcook the Chicken!
Lastly – it’s the greatest day in both of your lives and it is over in a FLASH!
It’s easy to get caught up in all the formalities throughout the day, and possibly having Photographers pose you here there and everywhere – but it is YOUR day and you need to remember that, so don’t be afraid to say ‘NO’ to certain people.
Importantly – at some point in the day, both of you must take a moment to yourselves and take a step back from EVERYONE! Take a private moment away from the party to acknowledge that you are now both ‘Mr & Mrs..’ and that everyone you love in both your worlds are there for that day – it is the greatest feeling to know that you have both now embarked on a new exciting chapter to spend the rest of your lives together! Awwww……..(now kiss!)